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What this document covers
Using the QDrone hostname can be problematic on some networks. If the QDrone cannot be pinged or QUARC models cannot be downloaded to the QDrone using the hostname then you can use the fixed IP address instead.
This document covers the following:
  • Summary of how the AVRS devices are configured on the network.
  • How to get the IP address of the QDrone from the hostname
  • How to configure fixed IP addresses for the Quanser QDrones in the Autonomous Vehicle Research Studio (AVRS).
Setting Up Fixed IP Addresses for the QDrones
AVRS Network Configuration
The Autonomous Vehicles Research Studio comes with a NETGEAR R7000 – Nighthawk AC1900 high performance router. The QDrone systems are pre-configured to automatically connect to Quanser_UVS-5G Wi-Fi and the Qbot to the Quanser_UVS Wi-Fi.

Figure 1: AVRS Network Configuration

The ground control station PC is pre-configured to and the router is setup for
The QDrone are each assigned a hostname prior to shipment. The hostname is shown next to the battery compartment on the bottom plate


Figure 2: QDrone hostname is on the battery compartment

Testing the QDrone Communication
Power ON the QDrone and test the communication by typing the following command:
ping QDrone0XXXXX.local
where QDrone0xxxxx represents the hostname of the QDrone. If the ping fails, then there may be an issue with the hostname lookup. This could be due to an issue with the Bonjour application.
An alternative way of checking connectivity between the QDrone and the router is to use its IPv4 address. The IP address assigned can be found by connecting to the router.
  1. Launch a web browser from a device that is connected to your router’s network.
  2. Enter or http:\\ in the address bar.
  3. Router login credentials are as follows:              Username: admin Password: Quanser_123
  4. Type the following command:
ping 192.168.2.X
where 192.168.2.x represents the QDrone IPv4 address.
Setting a Fixed IP Address to a QDrone
The QDrones do not have a preset IPv4 (the Qbot 2 and Qbot 2e have a fixed IP). To set a fixed IP address go to the Advanced | Setup | LAN Setup tab, as shown below in Figure 3. Select the QDrone in the Address Reservation list and click on Add. This QDrone will now use this IP address. It is recommended that you label the QDrone with the IP address (e.g., next to the hostname).

Figure 3: Setting fixed IP address to QDrone

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