The plastic gears of my linear IP02 system are wearing out very fast, do you have any recommendations?

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Here are some tips on how to extend life of the plastic gears:

  • After installing the new plastic pinion, make sure it runs freely along the center of the track. Move the cart manually to verify this, the track must be clean and free of any debris between its teeth.
  • The track should be clamped down or secured to the table so it does not move while the experiment is being run.
  • The provided small plastic piece that supports the track must be placed in the center so it can provide extra support.
  • Loose the two screws that hold the track at the ends, level the track with the support in its center and then tighten these screws at last, after that all other components and the track are in place.
  • Before running the IP02 experiment, make sure you set the Gain to 1 on your power amplifier.
  • When running the position control experiment, make sure the setpoint or desired command is not too aggressive. Start with lower amplitudes.

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