The Scope in my Simulink model is showing only 10 seconds of data, how can I increase it?

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The Simulink Duration variable in the External Signal & Triggering panel has a default value of 10,000 data points. This sets, for example, the default buffer size for Simulink Scopes. This Duration variable can easily be set (e.g., increased) using the Simulink Tools/External Mode Control Panel…/Signal & Triggering… dialog. This setting is independent of QUARC. It can be increased as much as the system’s RAM can handle. For example, if you want to show 20 seconds of date for a controller running at 1 ms (i.e. 1 kHz sampling), then set Duration to 20 / 0.001 = 20000. Make sure the Data History Parameters pane of the scope is properly configured as well, i.e. set the Limit data point to last parameter should be the same as the Duration parameter set the External Signal & Triggering previously.


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