The QNET Mechatronic Interfacing board consists of a dsPIC33e microcontroller, SPI and I²C devices, such as temperature, proximity and acceleration sensors, memory chips, keypad and touch screen interface devices, and external communication ports for UART and CAN. The internal registers of the PIC can be modified in real time to control the behaviour of the entire system without requiring re-flashing of firmware.

  • UART and input capture
  • Two position encoders
  • Analog input signal generation via potentiometer
  • Keypad and touch screen for user interface
  • LCD screen and tri-colour LED for display
  • Colour sensor, connected to LED via fiber-optic cable
  • I²C accelerometer, gyroscope, thermometer, and IR range detector
  • SPI RAM and Flash memory chips
  • SD card slot with SPI interface
  • Fiber-optic serial I/O connected to UART
  • Two external CAN bus connectors with SPI CAN controller chips and built-in termination resistance
  • Microcontroller I/O
  • Hardware control registers
  • Data storage in flash and RAM
  • SPI and I²C communication
  • CAN busses and inter-device communications
  • User I/O, controls and displays
  • Hardware integration

The following additional components are required to complete your workstation, and are sold separately:



Product Details

SPI RAM capacity 64 kB
Flash capacity 64 Mb (32 Mb reserved)
Encoder resolution 24 pulses/rev
Temperature sensor max. sensitivity 0.0625 ºC
Accelerometer max. scale ± 8 g
Accelerometer granularity 12 bits
LCD colour depth 18 bits
Touch sensor granularity 16 bits
Gyroscope granularity 32 bits
CAN bus termination resistance 120 Ω
CAN transceiver voltage 5 V
Colour sensor max. output frequency 600 kHz

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