The Quanser Mechatronic Sensors Board introduces students to various sensors that measure pressure, strain, temperature, contact, distance, angular displacement, and dynamics. Included curriculum covers basic measurement techniques, theoretical performance, specifications, and common design considerations. Designed exclusively for the NI ELVIS III platform and LabVIEW™, the board also exposes students to industry-grade measurement and calibration fundamentals.

  • 11 Diverse Sensors: Measure temperature, strain, pressure, distance, rotation, proximity, touch, and inertia
  • Ready to Use: Includes comprehensive ABET-aligned workbooks, software, and additional resources
  • Easy Operation: Pre-installed sensors save on time and frustration
  • Accelerate Discovery: Learn the fundamentals of measurement, calibration, and sensor applications
  • Sensor behavior
  • Filtering and statistical analysis of raw sensor data
  • Deflection and natural frequency measurement using strain gage
  • Pressure transducer calibration
  • Angular displacement measurement
  • Encoder decoding
  • Long and mid-range distance measurement
  • Proximity detection
  • Switch debouncing
  • Temperature calibration and measurement
  • Capacitive touch sensing
  • Roll, pitch, and yaw measurements using an IMU

The following additional components are required to complete your workstation, and are sold separately:


Product Details

  • Pressure transducer
  • Thermistor
  • Ultrasonic distance
  • Potentiometer
  • Time-of-Flight sensor
  • Infrared proximity sensor
  • Snap-action switch
  • Strain gage
  • IMU: 3-axis gyro, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer
  • Capacitive touch sensors: 9 segment scroll pad, 2 single-touch buttons
  • Encoder: Quadrature (A and B signals)

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