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Quanser Energy Systems Board

Prepare students for energy systems engineering applications

The Quanser Energy Systems Board is intended to provide a safe, hands-on introduction to electrical power systems. The board uses scaled down power systems to offer students a reasonable benchtop form factor. Designed exclusively for the NI ELVIS III platform and LabVIEW™, the board also exposes students to industry-grade instrumentation, measurement and control fundamentals.


Product Details

Power electronics have long been a cornerstone topic of electrical and electronic engineering. However, it is often difficult to interact with power systems and signals in a meaningful way because the voltages involved are often dangerously high. The Quanser Energy Systems board uses scaled down power systems to offer students a reasonable benchtop form factor. Despite the smaller size, the electrical design and dynamics of the circuits and signals involved remain analogous to the larger systems they represent.

  • Complete System: Complete power system covering energy conversion topics from AC generation and rectification, to SMPS and inversion
  • Open and Customizable: Access and customize all levels of the interfacing and control software using LabVIEW
  • Comprehensive Courseware: Includes fully customizable ABET-aligned workbooks, software, and additional resources
  • Accelerate Discovery: Learn the fundamentals of energy conversion concepts and power system design using a fully-instrumented power system
  • Linear 0-20 VDC variable power source
  • DC motor coupled to three-phase AC generator
  • Single or three phase rectifier circuit with selectable output capacitance
  • Buck and boost DC converters configurable to run off the DC supply or AC rectifier
  • Controllable 0-250 mA DC current sink
  • Single phase AC inverter with transformer and resistive load
  • DC Power: Switched-mode power supplies, buck converters, boost converters, SMPS control
  • AC Power: AC power generation, transformers
  • Converting AC to DC Power: Rectifiers, power inverters
  • Power Systems: Wind power, consumer power supplies, solar power, electric vehicles

The following additional components are required to complete your workstation, and are sold separately:


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