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Quanser Controls Board

Investigate introductory and advanced controls

Electromechanical Control

The Quanser Controls Board offers a complete package for studying fundamental and advanced controls topics. The skills and hands-on experiences gained using the controls board are directly applicable to the challenges engineers face creating the complex systems that dominate the world today.


Product Details

As automation and connected devices move from industry to commercial products and the home, an understanding of the design and implementation of control systems on hardware is essential. The courseware progression that accompanies the Quanser Controls Board begins with a grounding in the basics of modeling and control. Topics then transition into more complex strategies including optimal control, hybrid control, and digital control.

  • Highly Linear Motor Response: To enable directly relational modelling and control design
  • Open and Customizable: Access and customize all levels of the interfacing and control software using LabVIEW
  • Complete Package: Hardware and courseware enable courses to cover the essentials of introductory and advanced controls
  • Simulink Compatibility: Accelerate control design and deployment using Quanser’s QUARC platform
  • Highly linear brushed DC motor
  • Removable inertia load for variable dynamics
  • High-resolution optical encoder and current sense
  • Optional pendulum attachment for advanced controls
  • DC Motor Modeling: First principles, experimental, frequency
  • Speed Control: PID control, lead compensators
  • Position Control: PID control, steady-state error
  • Stability: BIBO, Nyquist, Routh Hurwitz
  • Inverted Pendulum Control: Pole placement, LQR, swing-up
  • Digital Control: Quantization, matched pole-zero, digital design

The following additional components are required to complete your workstation, and are sold separately:


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