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QNET Mechatronic Systems Board

This product is no longer available.

The QNET Mechatronic Systems board is a versatile system that combines various topics covered in typical mechatronics courses and programs, and applies them to a complex mechatronic system. The board is designed exclusively for the NI ELVIS platform, taking the full advantage of accurate timing and control of FPGA-based reconfigurable I/O brought by the new ELVIS RIO Control Module.


Product Details

The QNET Mechatronic Systems board is the only solution that takes students from component-level knowledge of sensors, actuators, and interfacing fundamentals to a system-level understanding of mechatronics design. Students investigate and implement various sub-components of a mechatronic system from manipulator control, to image processing, line-following, pattern recognition, PWM generation, encoder decoding, LabVIEW FPGA coding, and more. This exemplifies challenges they will encounter in a typical industry-level applications.

  • 5 bar parallel SCARA robot
  • Direct-drive brushed DC motors
  • Built-in PWM amplifier for each motor
  • Optical encoders
  • Serial camera for embedded imaging applications
  • Default map with dynamic LEDs and other elements for path planning tasks
  • Template for map or other custom applications
DC motor nominal input voltage 18 V
DC motor nominal speed 3050 RPM
DC motor nominal current .054 A
Encoder line count 512 lines/rev
Encoder resolution (in quadrature) 0.176 deg/count
Amplifier type PWM
Amplifier continuous current 2.5 A
Amplifier nominal frequency 20 kHz
Camera type CMOS VGA serial camera
Image formats JPEG and RAW
Image resolutions 160 x 128 / 320 x 240 / 640 x 480 (in JPEG mode)
80 x 60 / 160 x 120 / 128 x 128 / 128 x 96 (in RAW mode)
  • Goal-directed line following
  • Image processing
    • Image tresholding
    • Blob detection
    • Pattern matching
  • State machines
  • Manipulator control
    • PWM generation
    • Encoder decoding
    • Inverse kinematics
    • Forward kinematics
    • PID position control

The following additional components are required to complete your workstation, and are sold separately:


  • NI ELVIS RIO Control Module

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