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Joint Control Robot – 6 DOF

This product is no longer available.

Designed exclusively for Quanser, the 6 DOF serial manipulator with a two-finger gripper is a customized 6-DOF MICO2 robot arm by Kinova with high-speed RS-485 interface. By exposing the serial interface, access joint angles, motor currents and torque measurements for each joint at minimum 500 Hz communication rate. The higher communication rate and open architecture framework allow for the development of advanced, high-performance control algorithms. A complete blockset available in QUARC real-time control software for Simulink® provides an intuitive environment for designing and implementing control algorithms. With a compact, lightweight design the 6 DOF manipulator can not only be used on a stationary surface, but it can also be integrated with a majority of existing mobile platform.


Product Details

The stand-alone 6 DOF serial manipulator with two-finger gripper enables you to control the torque of each joint and gives access joint angle, motor current and torque measurements for each joint in real time. The robotic manipulator is compact and safe to work with, which makes it an ideal tool for any robotics labs.

  • Real-time control for HIL applications
  • Joint level torque control
  • Customized open architecture MICO2 with serial interface offered exclusively by Quanser
  • Access to joint angle, motor current and torque measurements for each joint
  • Communication rate of min. 500 Hz for better performance, critical in haptics and torque control applications
  • 3D visualization to verify algorithms prior to deployment
Weight 5.2 kg
Payload 0.8 kg (full extension)
1.3 kg (mid-range)
Arm reach app. 70 cm
Maximum linear speed 20 cm/s
Communication rate 500 Hz

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