Latent Derivative Bayesian Last Layer Networks

Scaling Beyond Bandwidth Limitations: Wireless Control With Stability Guarantees Under Overload

Adaptive position control of a cart moved by a DC motor using integral controller tuned by Jaya optimization with Balloon effect

Fuzzy logic–based decision support system for selection of optimum input shaping techniques in point-to-point motion systems

Design of Hybrid Fuzzy and Position-Velocity Controller for Precise Positioning of a Servo System

Fast Feedback Control over Multi-hop Wireless Networks with Mode Changes and Stability Guarantees

Fuzzy-Based Position-Velocity Controller Gain Scheduling for Load Disturbance Rejection in a Positioning Servo System

The ACO-NM algorithm for controller tuning for an inverted cart-pendulum

Virtual vs. Real: Trading Off Simulations and Physical Experiments in Reinforcement Learning with Bayesian Optimization

S3A: Secure System Simplex Architecture for Enhanced Security and Robustness of Cyber-Physical Systems

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