A defensive design for control application based on networked systems

Enhanced Model Reference Adaptive Control Scheme for Tracking Control of Magnetic Levitation System

Controller Design and Optimization of Magnetic Levitation System (MAGLEV) using Particle Swarm optimization technique and Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR)

Current cycle feedback iterative learning control for tracking control of magnetic levitation system

Discrete-time L2 loop-shaping control of a Maglev System using the LPV framework

Fuzzy Tuner Based Modified Cascade Control for Electromagnetic Levitation System

Tuning Parameters of Fuzzy Logic Controller using PSO for Maglev System

Modelling and state estimation for control of magnetic levitation system via a state feedback based full order observer approach

Robust observer‐based output feedback controller for nonlinear systems with uncertain triangular and nontriangular nonlinearities and diagonal terms

Methods of state estimation resilient against sensor attacks and robust against exogenous disturbances

Multi-loop nonlinear control design for performance improvement of LTI systems

Nonlinear optimal control design considering a class of system constraints with validation on a magnetic levitation system

Algebraic Riccati equation based Q and R matrices selection algorithm for optimal LQR applied to tracking control of 3rd order magnetic levitation system

Cascade sliding mode-based robust tracking control of a magnetic levitation system

Design of a Fuzzy Networked Control Systems. Priority Exchange Scheduling Algorithm

Practical Implementation of Adaptive Gain and Variable Gain Super-Twisting Algorithms on the Magnetic Levitation System: A Comparative Study

Resilient State Estimation for Control Systems using Multiple Observers and Median Operation

State-and-disturbance-observer-based sliding mode control of magnetic levitation systems

A state-feedback control approach via inertial delay observer for Magnetic Levitation system

Analysis of the Performances of Type-1, Self-Tuning Type-1 and Interval Type-2 Fuzzy PID Controllers on the Magnetic Levitation System

GA optimization of ladder-structured GOBF models

Gain scheduling control for magnetic levitation device using redundant descriptor representation

Maglev Tracking Control by a State-Feedback with Integral Action and Robust Velocity Reconstruction

LQR based optimal tuning of PID controller for trajectory tracking of Magnetic Levitation System

Aplicacion de Control Borroso a un Sistema de Suspension Magnetica: Comparacion Experimental

Sensor fault-tolerant control of a magnetic levitation system

A New Approach to the Design of Dynamic Output Feedback Stabilizers for LTI Systems

Robust Position Control of a Magnetic Levitation System via Dynamic Surface Control Technique

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