Compensator-critic structure-based neuro-optimal control of modular robot manipulators with uncertain environmental contacts using non-zero-sum games

Coordinated control of a 3DOF cartesian robot and a shape memory alloy-actuated flexible needle for surgical interventions: a non-model-based control method

Design, Fabrication, and Hysteresis Modeling of Soft Microtubule Artificial Muscle (SMAM) for Medical Applications

Elbow Motion Trajectory Prediction Using a Multi-Modal Wearable System: A Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Techniques

Hybrid Control of Flowrate in Microextrusion-Based Direct-Write Additive Manufacturing

Multichannel optogenetics combined with laminar recordings for ultra-controlled neuronal interrogation

Neurophysiological Evaluation of Haptic Feedback for Myoelectric Prostheses

Smoothly Switched Adaptive Torque Tracking for Functional Electrical Stimulation Cycling

Towards an Understanding of the Role Operator Limb Dynamics Plays in Haptic Perception of Stiffness

Admittance-Controlled Teleoperation of a Pneumatic Actuator: Implementation and Stability Analysis

Bio‐Inspired Conformable and Helical Soft Fabric Gripper with Variable Stiffness and Touch Sensing

Design and modeling of a hydraulic soft actuator with three degrees of freedom

EndoPil: A Magnetically Actuated Swallowable Capsule for Weight Management: Development and Trials

Intention-detection strategies for upper limb exosuits: model-based myoelectric vs dynamic-based control

Separate-Structure UDE-Based Current Resonant Control Strategy on LCL-Type Grid-Tied Inverters With Weighted-Average Current Method for Improved Injected Current Quality and Robustness

Ultra-High-Frame-Rate Ultrasound Monitoring of Muscle Contractility Changes Due to Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation

Volitional Contractility Assessment of Plantar Flexors by Using Non-invasive Neuromuscular Measurements

Ankle Dorsiflexion Strength Monitoring by Combining Sonomyography and Electromyography

Closed-Loop Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Method Provides Robustness to Unknown Time-Varying Input Delay in Muscle Dynamics

Force Sensing with 1mm Fiber Bragg Gratings for Flexible Endoscopic Surgical Robots

IMU-based assistance modulation in upper limb soft wearable exosuits

Physiological and kinematic effects of a soft exosuit on arm movements

Acceleration Based Force Estimation in Series Elastic Actuator

Design a software real-time operation platform for wave piercing catamarans motion control using linear quadratic regulator based genetic algorithm

Distal End Force Sensing with Optical Fiber Bragg Gratings for Tendon-Sheath Mechanisms in Flexible Endoscopic Robots

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