Discrete-Time System Conditional Optimization in the Parameter Space with Nonzero Initial Conditions

Fractional data-driven control for a rotary flexible joint system

Inverse Dynamics-based Control with Parameter Adaptation for Tip-tracking of Flexible Link Robot

Parallel Constrained Predictive Control based on the Improved Particle Swarm Optimization for Nonlinear Fast Dynamic Systems

Precise Position Control of Quanser Servomotor using Fractional Order Fuzzy PID Controller

State Observer Applied to Position and Vibration Control Using Flexible Link Manipulator

Continuous PID-SMC based on improved EHGO for robot manipulators with limited state measurements

Controlling a Rotary Servo Cart System Using Robust Generalized Dynamic Inversion

DC Motor Control using Hand Gestures

Low Cost Rapid Control Prototyping – a useful method in Control Engineering Education

Nature Inspired Algorithm Based Optimal Type-2 Fuzzy Controller with Real-Time Validation on Servo System

Nature-inspired and hybrid optimization algorithms on interval Type-2 fuzzy controller for servo processes: a comparative performance study

Breaking away from the traditional lab report: A technical email as a writing assignment in an engineering laboratory course

Fixed-time consensus for uncertain multi-agent systems with actuator faults

Integral-Type Sliding-Mode Control for a Class of Mechatronic Systems with Gain Adaptation

Kalman State Estimation and LQR Assisted Adaptive Control Of a Variable Loaded Servo System

NARX Model Identification Using Correntropy Criterion in the Presence of Non-Gaussian Noise

A Formal Sensitivity Analysis for Laguerre Based Predictive Functional Control

Alternative Method for Predictive Functional Control to Handle an Integrating Process

Antenna Effects on Respiratory Rate Measurement using a UWB Radar System

Anti-Disturbance Study of Position Servo System Based on Disturbance Observer

Design of fractional order proportional differentiation controller for second order position servo system

Discrete-time setpoint-triggered reset integrator design with guaranteed performance and stability

Distributed Fixed-Time Control of Multi-agent Systems with Input Shaping

Fixed-time consensus control of multi-agent systems using input shaping

Mobile Cyber-Physical Labs: Integration of Mobile Devices with System

Optimization-based PV/PI Design for a DC-Motor System with Delayed Feedback

Performance Analysis of a DC-Motor Control System with Time-Delay: Smith Predictor vs Optimization-based Controller Design

Targeted synchronization in an externally driven population of mechanical oscillators

Design and Simulation of a PID Controller for Motion Control Systems

FPAA-Based Control of Bilateral Teleoperation Systems for Enhanced User Task Performance

Frequency response method to derive transfer function of servo motor using Quanser servo plant module and dSPACE software

Mixed-reality learning environments – Integrating mobile interfaces with laboratory test-beds

Asymptotic Reference Tracking and Disturbance Rejection of UDE-Based Robust Control

Discrete-time chattering free exponentially stabilizing sliding mode scalar control via LyapunovÍs method

Fractional Order Modeling of Human Operator Behavior with Second Order Controlled Plant and Experiment Research

Model Free ESO-based Repetitive Control for Rejecting Periodic and Aperiodic Disturbances

Position Control by Using PD Type Fuzzy Logic: Experimental Study on Rotary Servo System

Synchronization control of DC motors through adaptive disturbance cancellation techniques

Using inertial and visual sensing from a mounted smartphone to stabilize a ball and beam test-bed

An Analysis of Sampling Effect on Bilateral Teleoperation System Transparency

Digital versus analog control of bilateral teleoperation systems:A task performance comparison

Experimental Investigation of a Time Scales-Based Stability Criterion over Finite Time Horizons

FPAA-based Control of Bilateral Teleoperation Systems

A model-free design of reduced-order controllers and application to a DC servomotor

Anti-windup compensator schemes for DC servo motor speed control system

Conventional Compensators Design Using Newton’s Method

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