Webinar Details

Webinar recording is now available Distance learning is becoming an essential component of modern engineering education, but moving a traditional engineering course online remains challenging. In this webinar, we will demonstrate and discuss the QLabs Controls and QLabs Virtual Robotics content bundles that are the most flexible, engaging, modern approach to distance and blended learning for control systems and robotics. Based on our industry-leading hardware products for controls, robotics, and mechatronics, such as QUBE-Servo 2, Quanser AERO, QBot 2e ground robot, QArm robotic manipulator, and others, the Quanser Interactive Labs platform delivers credible, academically appropriate, and high-fidelity lab experiences through interactions with virtual hardware using a desktop or smart device. We will discuss the available subscriptions to content and a variety of experiences on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android that do not require any institutional IT infrastructure to deploy the platform.