To realize a fully-functional twin of the physical QCar, the virtual system is a complete mechatronic system with industrially relevant sensors such as LiDAR, and encoder, IMU, and RGB-D cameras.

  • High-fidelity, credible lab experiences equivalent to use of physical QCar
  • 12-month multi-seat subscription
  • Full access to system parameters through MATLAB®/Simulink® or Python®
  • ABET-aligned curriculum mapped to popular control engineering textbooks
  • Image acquisition and camera interfacing
  • Sensor interfacing and kinematic modeling
  • Line detection and lane keeping
  • Occupancy grid mapping
  • Sensor fusion
  • Object detection and classification
  • Lateral and longitudinal control
  • Self-driving behavior planning

Product Details

QCar virtual sensors
4x CSI cameras
160° FOV
820 x 410 resolution at 30 Hz
1x Intel RealSense RGB-D camera
640 x 480 resolution at 30 Hz
8-bit depth sensing
16-bit depth sensing
6 axis IMU
3-axis accelerometer
3-axis gyroscope


QLabs Virtual QCar runs on Windows 10 or later and requires Curriculum designed for MATLAB and Simulink R2021a or later, with compatibility with Python 3.

Environment Lighting Changes Weather

Interactive Actors

Pedestrians, Traffic Cones, QCars, Animals and Cameras

Environment Actors

Cross Walks, Traffic Lights, Signs3D shapes and Coloured splines

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