The Quanser QNET 2.0 DC Motor board is a versatile servo system designed to teach and demonstrate the fundamentals of DC motor control in a variety of ways. The system can be easily configured to control motor position and speed, as well as for modeling experiments.

  • Durable DC servo motor with no cogging
  • Removable inertia disk
  • Built-in PWM amplifier with linear response
  • High-resolution optical encoder to sense position
  • Hardware velocity measurement
  • System modeling and model validation
  • Speed and position control
  • System simulation
  • PID control
  • Error tracking
  • Disturbance rejection

The following additional components are required to complete your workstation, and are sold separately:



Product Details

Motor nominal input voltage 18.0 V
Motor nominal speed 3050 RPM
Motor torque constant 0.042 Nm/A
Motor terminal resistance 8.4 Ω
Rotor inertia of the motor 4.0 x 10-6 kg.m²
Encoder line count 512 lines/rev
Encoder line count in quadrature 2048 lines/rev
Encoder resolution (in quadrature) 0.176 deg/count
Amplifier type PWM
Amplifier peak current 2.5 A
Amplifier continuous current 0.5 A
Amplifier output voltage ± 24 V with 42% duty cycle limit (± 10 V)

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