The acceleration of the development and validation of research concepts was at the core of the Studio concept when we began the development of the Autonomous Vehicle Research Studio (AVRS) in 2017. We wanted to find a way to deliver a turnkey research laboratory to institutions looking to create or expand their research capacities in emerging and technically challenging fields. Our goal was to equip researchers with the systems, accessories, infrastructure, devices, software, and resources they needed to get from a concept to a published paper faster. We offered a way to build a lab and validate algorithms in months instead of years by leveraging rich examples, reliable and robust hardware, and flexible and versatile software tools and frameworks. 


Beyond the core offering, our goal was to build partnerships with our customers to support ongoing efforts to foster innovation. We designed the studio infrastructure and devices to catalyze generations of graduate projects and students. Through a combination of flexible and adaptable hardware, open-architecture software compatible with a variety of languages, and rich documentation that would continuously improve, we empowered institutions to invest in a studio with the reassurance that it would be adaptable to the changing research landscape for years to come. 

Since the release of the AVRS Studio in 2018, we have continued to expand our studio offering to address new challenges in teaching and research. The value of the studio as a core facility to build a teaching and research program and the complementary experiences the studios have offered our customers have allowed the community of institutions with studios to grow by leaps and bounds. This growth has provided a new pillar of the studio approach, membership in a global community of diverse researchers with a common platform. This community offers vast advantages for collaboration and mutual validation of research outcomes that not only serve to accelerate the research process yet again but also reinforce and solidify concept validation. 

Building on our studio pillars of teaching and research acceleration, multi-generational foundational infrastructure, and a rich worldwide community, we continue to research and develop new capabilities and technologies to empower generations of students as they bring theory to life. 

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