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2 DOF Robot

Introduce fundamental principles of robotics

Electromechanical Control Manipulator Robotics

The 2 DOF Robot module is ideal to introduce students to the fundamental and intermediate principles of robotics. You can use it to demonstrate real-world control challenges, such as pick-and-place robots used in manufacturing lines.

The 2 DOF Robot module attaches to two Rotary Servo Base Units. Using this experiment, students learn concepts such as forward and inverse kinematics and workspace control.


Product Details

The 2 DOF Robot module is connected to two Rotary Servo Base Units, which are mounted at a fixed distance. Two servomotors on the Rotary Servo Base Units are mounted at a fixed distance and control a 4-bar linkage system: two powered arms coupled through two non-powered arms. The system is planar and has two actuated and three unactuated revolute joints.

The goal of the 2 DOF Robot experiment is to manipulate the X-Y position of a four-bar linkage end effector. Such a system is similar to the kinematic problems encountered in the control of other parallel mechanisms that have singularities.

  • 2 DOF Robot module easily attaches to the Rotary Servo Base Unit
  • 4-bar precision-crafted aluminum linkage system
  • Allows for mounting of the 2 DOF Inverted Pendulum module for additional experiments (sold separately)
2 DOF Robot overall dimensions* (L x W x H) 40 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm
2 DOF Robot total mass* 4.0 kg
Mass of 4-bar linkage module 0.335 kg
Mass of single link 0.065 kg
Length of link 0.127 m
Link moment of inertia about cog 8.74 x 10-5 kg.m²
Link moment of inertia about pivot 4.41 x 10-4 kg.m²

* 2 DOF Robot module mounted on the Rotary Servo Base Unit

Modeling Topics
  • Transfer function representation
  • Kinematics
Control Topics
  • PD

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