Essential Dynamics and Control Concepts

The Quanser Aero is a unique platform that allows students to explore and gain insight into the dynamic complexities of flight applications. At its core, the Aero is a high-precision, plug and play physical system plant to study helicopter flight motion and its control. Applications include 1 DOF attitude control, conventional 2 DOF helicopter flight, and even quadcopter dynamics and control. Reconfigurable elements let you quickly adapt the Aero to modern applications in mechatronic system design.

Quadcoptor Systems

The quadcopter or quadrotor configuration is a principal configuration for modern autonomous flying vehicle design. Quanser’s unique line of products take you from first principles to actual quadcopter flight.

Comprehensive Product Line for Aerospace Dynamics

Quanser offers the most complete range of products for hands-on labs for Aerospace Engineering departments. Quanser systems offer the precision and deterministic dynamics to support the theory. The robustness and flexible architecture of the products also make them ideal motion validation platforms for research.