Mobile Robotics

Many consider mobile robotics to be the most dynamic engineering specialization today. Whether you are engaged in ambitious research applications or teaching the next generation of engineering leaders, you need a robotics solutions optimized for the academic environment. Quanser’s mobile robotics solutions offer a unique combination of advanced hardware with a powerful software framework powered by Quanser’s renowned QUARC® built on the MATLAB®/Simulink® platform. Quanser offers options for ground and aerial vehicle applications featuring the latest processors and flexible support of sensors. Combine them together to create a UVS Lab that offers full localization and a comprehensive platform for multi-agent applications.

Manipulator Robotics

The study and exploration of serial link robots have been a core part of robotics education and research for many years. Initially, the study of manipulator robots was driven by applications in manufacturing, but later it became a key subsystem in more complex robotic applications in space robotics and mobile robotics.

Open Architecture Research Robots

These unique research solutions let you deploy your own advanced control algorithms by providing researchers and students direct access to the robot’s sensors and actuators. With the capabilities of the communication blocksets of Quanser’s QUARC software validating your robotic control algorithms is easier than ever.

Telerobotics and Haptics

This solution is the platform of choice for advanced telerobotic application with haptic feedback. The platform consists of an advanced robot manipulator equipped with a force/torque sensor mated a high DOF haptic manipulator and Quanser’s QUARC real-time control software. This turn-key solution can be deployed quickly and is readily adaptable for a wide range of force-feedback research applications. Combined with visualization, it is the ideal platform medical simulations, remote vehicle operations, and more.