Quanser Interactive Labs

The Quanser Interactive Labs platform is a collection of virtual hardware-based laboratory activities that supplement traditional or online courses. The virtual plants are based on Quanser physical systems, and offer credible, academically appropriate hardware experiences on desktops, laptops, or smart devices. Combining Quanser Interactive Labs with actual Quanser systems allows instructors to enrich their lectures and activities in traditional labs and increases engagement and students’ learning outcomes in class-based or online courses.
> Rich interactive experiences for the lecture and the lab

Leverage Quanser Interactive Labs not only to offer students credible lab activities accessible off-campus but integrate them into your lectures and bring even more interaction and engagement to your course material.

> A turn-key cross-platform solution

Quanser Interactive Labs’ virtual high-fidelity plants give students academically appropriate hardware experiences on Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. Labs come with a complete student curriculum, including “check your understanding” and full assessment questions and lab reporting. Instructor have access to additional free course resources and tools to manage student access and monitor their progress.

> Scalable solutions for teaching and research

Quanser Interactive Labs are stand-alone applications available as a 12-month subscription and can be licensed by institutions for their students or purchased directly by students.